About Takhtejamshid Hospital

About Takhtejamshid hospital

Introduction and history of Hospital

The project of Takhte Jamshid Specialized Hospital started in 2004, with the capacity of 150 hospitalized beds and infrastructure of 12,000 square meters in two connected blocks.
The final stages of the project had been completed in 2013 and the hospital has been exploited. It is tried to use experienced manpower and modern medical equipment to provide appropriate services such as pneumatic transportation system (PTS), building management system (BMS), and hospital information management system (HIMS) in the hospital.


Project specifications


  • Metal skeleton, composite ceilings, Knauf walls, sewage treatment, intelligent management, two diesel generator sets, air conditioning
  • Physical space: 12000 square meters - Construction land
  • The process of project construction: from 2004 to 2013 with a 100% physical progression.
  • Total space of the administrative support buildings: 2000 square meters
  • Therapeutic space: 10000 square meters
  • The number of inpatient sections: 11 sections
  • The number of active hospital beds:150
  • Number of special beds: ICU :11 / CCU:13 / NICU: 11 / ICU(OH):7
  • Number of surgery rooms: 8 surgery room including heart surgery room, laparoscopy, orthopedics, gynecology, neurotransmitter, urology and general surgery
  • Angiography section , post cath : 12
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