What should be with you

Patient Guide / What should be with you
What should be with you
  • What should be with you
  • introduction of Karaj city

Required documents for admission

  • Original and the copy of national Card and the First Page of identity card of the Patient (For the patient under the age of 18, a copy of the father's identity card and father's consent is required)
  • Original and copy of the doctor’s order of hospitalization
  • Original and copy of insurance notice
  • Two copies of the first page of the health insurance card
  • Help us for better treatment by asking questions about medicines, their use, laboratory tests, and treatment measures.
  • The medicine you take at home is important for us to ensure that it does not interfere with prescription drugs in the hospital.
  • Your medical records, any history of your allergies is important to us. Nothing from your medical history should’nt be kept secret.
  • Always have your identification bracelet

Karaj is one of the metropolises of Iran and also the center of Alborz province. Karaj is one of the mountainous cities in Iran that is located in the Alborz Range and at a height of 1300 meters above sea level. According to the official statistics of 1390, the population of this city is 1,614,626, which is now considered to be the fourth most populated city of Iran after the cities of Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan. Karaj is second largest migratory city of Iran (after Tehran), and its population is younger than other major cities in Iran. Karaj is now one of the major metropolises in Iran. The city has the highest population growth among metropolitan areas with an annual population growth of 14.3%.

  • amir kabir hotel: opposite side of keshavarzi bank, foroghi avenue, shohada squre, shahid beheshti avenue, karaj



  • Marmar hotel: foroghi avenue, shohada squre, shahid beheshti avenue, karaj




  • Saman hotel: Dr.Homayoun avenue, karaj squre



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