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All hospital rooms are designed to make patients as comfortable as possible. As long as we provide the suitable room after admission in the hospital, we try you be in the best and most suitable plce until you place in the most appropriate room for your health care.

All patient rooms have temperature control, armchairs or sofa beds for companion, private bath and shower. All rooms also have a TV system with Internet, games and videos. Intelligent design and the use of the latest technologies give you the most space and the best lighting.

A limited number of luxury rooms are also located in the hospital. These rooms have the highest levels of quality and are at the level of luxury rooms of five star hotels. You need to pay more for these rooms. Talk to your doctor for more information or call the following number:


All patients treated in our hospital are enjoying their stay. Our commitment to attention to the needs of patients has made our hospital patients different from other hospitals. For patients looking for a more comfortable environment, we offer a more relaxed stay program that can be implemented in all areas of the hospital.
This program offers special comfort equipments that are appropirate for your health and treatment plan. The rooms included in this program provide the highest levels of care, accommodation, and services the same as five star hotels for you. More comfortable accommodation rooms include the following options.

  1. Private suites with wooden furniture
  2. Special food and nutrition services with different menus
  3. Remote and direct telephone
  4. Television and DVD player with cable networks and newspapers
  5. A special lounge for companions and visitors
  6. Special catering services for companions and visitors
  7. Nutrition and accommodation services for companions and visitors
  8. Luxury products for the bathroom
  9. Very soft woolen blanket and large beds


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