health services and tourism

health services and tourism

TJ Hospital:

At TJ Hospital, we consider it our Prime Responsibility to provide high-quality clinical care to all our patients and put the patients at the core of our organization. We have developed high-quality standards, enhanced infection control, and safety protocols to deliver the most appropriate treatment to our patients.

Some of Our Features:
1- The TJ Hospital has been one of the pioneers in the laboratory technology revolution in healthcare- by using modern equipment such as PCR Tech and Simens laboratory equipment, and also PTS (Panomathic transport system) for easy and quick transfer of samples. 

2- We have provided the voice of the client Department to present our respect to our clients.

TJ Hospital international patient center offers patients and their families to enjoy all the cultural, historical, recreational activities through the unique nature of the state like the fresh air at Alborz Mountain Range, and all the Karaj areas.
Our international program coordinators are happy to make recommendations and help you plan your visit to TJH and the surrounding Karaj area. TJ Hospital is located in Karaj’s north end, a neighborhood of the Chaloos Touristic Road & River, and also on the foothill of Alborz mountain Ranges.

TJ Hospital team has been one of the most popular healthcare groups in Alborz Province during late 8 years by benefiting from famous specialists and experienced academics and skilled nurses.

At TJ Hospital, we unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology with centuries-old traditions at Eastern care, warmth, and Iranian hospitalization that is proverbial among all, as we believe the world is our expended family.

Tourist Attractions of Karaj:

1) Pole-Khab and other valleys:

2) Amir Kabir Dam Lake:

This lake expands over 4000 hectares and is located in the Varian gorge at a 23km distance on Karaj-Chaloos Rood. Pleasant and cool weather is experienced here during the six first month of the year.

3) Dizin SKy Slope:

Standing at an attitude of 3/800m above sea-level in the Chaloos Road. It is at a distance of 60km from Tehran and 40km from Karaj this vicinity offers coaching as well as tennis courtyards, volleyball ground, park for children.

4) Karaj River:

This is one of the most saturated rivers of Iran which originates from Elborz Mountains and water spot at mount Kharsang. This river is about 220km in length and Amir Kabir Dam has been constructed on its way.

5) Morad Cave, Gachsar:

This cave is situated in Chaloos road in the district of Gachsar (Azadbar Region). From this vicinity it’s an hour at walking distance to the Morad Cave. Low temperature within the cave is a great unique feature of  this cave.

6) Morvarid (Pear) Museum:

This museum is located in Mehr Shahr (Karaj), Valuable articles such as furniture, chandeliers, porcelains are exhibited all around this place.

Why choose TJ Hospital:

1- TJ Hospital offers complex diagnostic and therapeutic care in almost every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery.
2- Our multidisciplinary care clinics - known as comprehensive care to provide comprehensive care in full assistance to international patients.
3- TJ Hospital welcomes international patients who come to TJ Hospital for counseling, second opinion, or medical treatment.
4. The International Patient Center at TJH is a full-service office that helps patients and their referring physicians navigate the path of care.

We understand the stress associated with the disease, especially when treatment is received outside of one’s home country. Patients are paired with an international patient coordinator who acts as a point of contact before, during, and after the patient's visit/discharge. The coordinator supports the patient and assists in all areas of his or her stay, including:

- Appointment scheduling with TJH specialists & physicians

- coordination for the admission process

- Interpretation in different languages and access to additional language as needed.

- Transportation arrangement, including airport pickup and ground or air ambulance services to TJH.

- Long-and Short-term (lodging) arrangements for parents and their families.

- Providing Comfort accommodations available at Karaj Hotels

- Assistance with financial arrangements, including advance estimates for fees, deposits, and payments.

- Specially prepared meals upon request.

- Provide services upon request.
Patients can rely upon their international patient coordinator should they require follow-up appointments or correspondence with their TJH care team after returning to their home country.

We have the latest diagnostic and treatment technology and experienced doctors in every specialty:

- Our doctors cover almost every specialty and subspecialty. Our clinic treats a large number of people, giving our doctors extensive experience in treating your condition; we also treat rare conditions treated in a few other plans.

- Our doctors take the time to listen and thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns and provide you with an unburied consultation.  Appetent times at TJ are generally longer than standards in order to promote good consultations.

- As One-Step Care approximately all medical services you may need- like doctor visits, testing, surgery, hospital care- are available “under one roof” at TJ Hospital scheduling at these services is coordinated in an efficient way. So what might take months in another setting is done in a matter of days at TJH.

- TJ Hospital introduces clinical Excellence in the Iranian healthcare system. TJ Hospital has been dedicated to having several excellent key specialties and sub-specialties in its clinic.

The specialties and super- specialties our clinics include:

-Gynecology/ Infertility/ Obstetric.

-Orthopedic Surgeries/Rheumatology

- General Surgeries

- Anesthetic

- Urology/ Nephrology

- Ear/Nose/Tracheal surgeries

- Head/Neck surgeries

-Nose Plastic Surgery

-Reconstructive and plastic surgery (sub- Specialties)

- Perinatology/IVF (Fellowship)

- Internal Specialties

- Heart/vascular specialties/Interventionist and sub-specialties

- Pediatric/ Neonatologist (sub-specialties)

- Neurology

- Laparoscopy surgeries

- Gastrologer (sub-specialties)

- Chronic Heart Failure Fellowship/-Stress test (Exercise Test)

- Open heart surgery (CABG)

- Oncology


-Clinical Microbiology

-And part- clinical sectors include:


-Blood Bank

-Angiography and Angioplasty




-Bone Densitometry


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